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Alternative Network Solutions is a leading managed service provider of network, applications and services with expertise in voice, data, wireless, and Voice over IP (VoIP). We assess, design, build, deploy, and manage networks. Our network support capabilities range from simple and complex IT moves, upgrades and new networks, and remote network management. All these capabilities assure that your network operates at optimal performance with maximum cost-efficiency.

Today IT managers at companies – both large and small – are increasingly overwhelmed trying to implement and maintain a complex environment of voice and data networks that must support multiple applications often spread over multiple locations in the U.S. and even abroad. Many IT environments are multi-vendor, multi-protocol, and multi-provider. Managing multiple service agreements and pricing plans can be cumbersome.

Maintaining the level of expertise and tools in-house to meet the challenge of managing the IT infrastructure adds costs and defocuses valuable resources that could be directed at a company’s core business.

Alternative Network Solutions helps you control the largest single cost of Information Technology – the hidden costs of lost time and productivity due to technical problems. You get all the benefits of having a fully staffed IT department at hand for a fraction of an in-house team.

You have a choice to select from our specialized packages that help control costs while still providing solutions to the network and computer problems that plague you most often. Our services are proactive; we anticipate and correct many problems before they occur. We remotely monitor server and desktop performance, around the clock.

We provide world class services backed by the stability and knowledge of a pool of technical experts. Your business will receive computer, network and IT infrastructure care from a team of technology professionals all for a flat, predictable monthly fee.

Our clients range from small businesses and non-profit agencies to large manufacturing companies. Give us a call today and see how we can help your organization simplify IT management and let you focus on your core business.