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Server and Network Implementations and Upgrades

Servers are the heart of the network. All of your critical applications and files are being hosted by these servers. We can provide the technical plans and expertise for server migrations, upgrades, and enhancements for your company. In addition, we can provide the latest advances in server virtualization allowing for the reduction server cost and energy consumption.

Business Application Support and Upgrades

Your business applications support all of your critical business functions. Software vendors regularly release updates to these applications that improve functionality, stability and performance. These upgrades must be performed carefully to ensure the new version works for your business and no data and productivity are lost. Alternative Network Solutions’ proven methodology will ensure that your upgrade runs smoothly and your new applications will help you move forward and not leave you troubleshooting problems.

Website Management

Your website is your company’s face to the world. Alternative Network Solutions can design a rich website using tools that will allow you to maintain your own pages, without having to know web design or HTML. Once your page is active, we will make sure your page is hosted on a secure server using a reputable web host and we will manage the technical side to ensure your site is always yours and ready for the world to see.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup tapes are a hassle. They are slow, need to be frequently replaced and only are able to capture data once a day. Our Backup and Disaster Recovery products allows data to be backed up every 15 minutes without interrupting users or impacting network performance. In addition data is quickly recoverable from this disk-based solution. As an option your data is stored securely at our off-site data centers. In the event of a disaster, your data can be delivered promptly to your new location. In addition all of your servers are able to run on the backup server until permanent replacements can be purchased.

Custom Application Design and Development

If your existing software is not accomplishing the tasks you need it to, our staff of developers will build you a customized application that caters to your every need. These applications can integrate into your existing business applications and CAD systems. Solutions can be developed to automate business processes and improve workflow and productivity.

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