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Windows 10

WASHINGTON, PA – Today Microsoft has released the latest update to Windows 10. This update is called the Windows 10 Creator’s Update. The majority of the new features focus on creative professionals and gamers however there are features that are also applicable to business users. They have updated Microsoft Edge to be faster and more stable. They have also added new features to help manage tabs and improved battery life. Microsoft’s personal assistant Cortana has also been updated to understand more commands and better sync between devices for users with multiple computers. Lastly Microsoft has also added features to give users better control over security and privacy.

This free update will be slowly rolled out to all Windows 10 computers. When each machine is ready Alternative Network Solution’s Advanced Monitoring tool will automatically install this update for you. The complete text of Microsoft’s release can be found below.

Alternative Network Solutions monitors the latest updates from Microsoft, Google, and Apple. When the new releases come out we evaluate them to ensure compatibility and then make sure that each computer has all available and appropriate updates. For information on how Alternative Network Solutions can help your business please contact us today.

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